5 Great Choices When Selecting Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

    Paddle Boarding is the ideal sport to enhance strength and fitness while having fun and exploring some of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. Making these places (especially those off the beaten track) more accessible is the fact that inflatable stand up paddle boards are now even more popular than ever. There’s a good reason for this. Inflatable paddle boards have come on in leaps and bounds since the original models hit the market. They open up new opportunities because they are easy to transport. Say goodbye to traditional rigid boards and say hello to an inflatable board that packs up tightly enough to fit into a car trunk – or even a backpack. Setup is easy, and there is nowhere near the amount of prep[aration (and st5rapping down) that accompanies the use of the traditional paddle boards.

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    So if you’re ready to take the plunge into the fun world of inflatable paddle boarding, what are some great choices when it comes to making that first purchase of a board – and making sure that it provides the best platform for the enjoyment of your chosen type of paddle boarding experience. Here are some great options.

    Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

    1. The Sea Eagle LongBoard 11. If you are interested in white water paddling or want to high the surf, then this might be the right board for you. The board is six inches thick and fairly narrow. this may take a little getting used to – but it represents the best compromise between surf and white water ready board and one that is solely dedicated to surfing. The six-inch thickness may seem excessive, but it certainly aids instability. At around 22 pounds this is a board that is ready-made for a fly-in vacation. 2. The AIRHEAD’ Popsicle 730 ISUP’ Paddleboard.If the paddle boarding bug has already bitten, but you want the kids also to enjoy the fun then this board is just what the younger members of the family need. It can comfortably handle weights between 30 and 120 pounds meaning that it can remain part of the scene as kids get older. The specifications – 7 foot long, 30 inches wide and six inches thick mean its stable enough for those learning the ways of the paddle board.3. Tower Paddle Boards’ Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP’.If you are looking for a great board at a great price, this model is well worth looking at. At around $500 it offers great value for money. The board is 9 foot and 10 inches long – and six inches thick. The incredible design means that it can hold up to 400 pounds — great stability and perfect for those who want to test out their interest in paddleboarding.

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    Best Inflatable SUP Boards

    4. The Sea Eagle FishSUP 126.If you want to experience fishing from a paddleboard then this board is for you. It’s longer and wider than standard (12 foot and 40 inches) to provide that extra stability that is so important to the fisherman. It can carry 350pounds – more than enough to cope with most people and their catch of the day. Plenty of D Rings means that equipment is also to take along. It has rigid hull meaning that it’s slightly more challenging to transport and store – but on the plus side, you can attach a small motor. 5. The Ten Toes’ Emporium Weekender’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.This is aboard that is ideal for those who travel. It packs up so neatly that it’s easy to transport as carry on luggage or in the trunk. When inflated, it is 10 feet long and 30 inches across. Excellent stability even at a slightly shorter than usual length.Inflatable stand up paddle boards are a great lifestyle investment. Investigate your preferred model and take to the water as soon as possible.