How To Enjoy Your Inflatable Paddle Board

    Anyone who has gazed out over a piece of still water or spent the day at the seaside will probably have noticed an increasing number of people enjoying the sport of stand up paddleboarding. One of the reasons that the sport is increasingly popular is because the technology for designing paddleboards that suit every style, taste and lifestyle is now increasingly widely available. One of the most popular types is the inflatable paddleboard. These boards are easy to transport (most fit in the trunk of the average car and do not take up a large amount of room - plenty left over for other essential water side supplies. Others fold up in bundles that will fit into a backpack - making that hiking or camping trip even more fun.

    So how do you get the most out of your paddle board experience? Here are some hints and tips that will make your buying decision easier (essential to enjoy your time on the water) - and reveal just why this sport is now so popular.

    Getting The Most Out of Your Inflatable Paddle Board

    Your first step to paddleboarding is purchasing or renting a stand up paddleboard. Some outlets rent boards - but ideally, you'll want something that fits your unique body type. That said - try before you buy, it'll give you an idea of what sort of board will best suit your individual needs. So what should you be looking for in a board? Firstly, remember that the larger the board is, the more stable it will be. First-timers should avoid those petite models in the 8-foot range - they are just going to lead to frustration. For people, up to 200 lbs in weight, a 10-foot board should be just about ideal in terms of stability. For those who weigh in the region of 220 to 230lbs, a board of between 11 foot and 11 and a half feet will be great. If you are heavier than this look for a board that boasts a wider width then the usual 32 inches.

    stand up paddle board

    Your next decision should be getting a great paddle. This piece of equipment is pivotal when it comes to enjoying the paddle boarding experience. A great rule of thumb is that the larger you are the larger your paddle blade and setup needs to be. Experiment to find your comfort zone.

    Once you have purchased your inflatable board, get ready to pump up, grab your paddle and hit the water. Choose still water for your first couple of excursions so that you can get used to the dynamics of the board.

    That's when the fun really starts. You can practice yoga on your board (it's great for building core strength), you can fish from your inflatable board, you can start your wave riding hobby - or you can simply explore the world around. Inflatable paddle boards have been largely responsible for the growth in the popularity of the sport. They are convenient, can be used by a cross-section of people, from the older to the very young and they represent great value for money. Isn't it time you started to experience the watery world from a different perspective.

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