Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best inflatable stand up paddleboard for a beginner?

    The Thurso Surf Waterwalker Stand up Paddleboard is one of the best paddleboards for beginners. This board is 11 feet in length with a 32-inch width and comes with an inflation pump for speedy inflation. Other accessories included are a carbon fiber shaft paddle, a small deck bag, and a carry backpack. Being made from military-grade PVC, it comes with drop-stitch construction, which all add to the sturdiness of the board. For easy riding, it has a non-slip EVA traction pad. With many great reviews online and a reasonable price tag, this board is great for beginners.

    How can stand up paddleboarding make you fit?

    There are many health benefits associated with stand up paddleboarding that go far beyond the enjoyment you'll get from this water sport. To start with, it helps in developing good balance, strengthens leg muscles, reduces stress boosts your cardiovascular system, and assists with weight loss. It serves as a low impact workout and helps strengthen your core muscles. As far as watersports go, this is one of the least dangerous sports out there. SUP requires you maintain a constant balance on the board, further strengthening your mid-back muscles, arms, shoulders, and abs. Paddleboarding provides an all-body workout that goes far beyond the physical benefits, helping to calm your mind and be one with nature.

    Why are paddleboards so expensive?

    Paddleboards are expensive because of a few basic but important factors. It is more than just a foam board that floats. The quality of a good paddle board depends on the make, shape, size, construction, and even the use of it. All of these factors put together, determine the price of a SUP. The price also depends on the markup each brand keeps on its products. Though it is important to remember that price does not necessarily mean good quality. Before you decide to buy a stand up paddleboard, consider its make, material, construction, shape, and size rather than just looking at the price.

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    What size stand up paddleboard do I need?

    Choosing the right size paddle board depends largely upon what you plan to use it for. Factors to consider include speed, portability, and how easy the board is likely to be to maneuver. How much you weigh is another important consideration. If you weigh under 150 lb, you might want to choose a board that is shorter than the standard size. The standard size for stand up paddleboards is between 10-11 feet in length and 32-34 inches in width. For higher stability, boards 33-34 inches wide is ideal.

    Why do people find stand up paddleboarding (SUP) so appealing?

    Stand up paddleboarding is an appealing watersport because it is super easy and safe. It also provides a low impact full-body workout for health-conscious people. For those who don't like hitting the gym and doing hardcore exercises, this is a good alternative. It is a good way to lose some weight and keep you fit. It might just be the perfect sport to try on your next vacation.

    Is stand up paddleboarding hard?

    Stand up paddleboarding is a watersport. And like any other watersport, it does take a little time to get used to. Here are a few tips to make your first experience at paddleboarding one to remember:

    • Look for a calm, flat body of water
    • Make sure the board you are using is nice and sturdy
    • Get comfortable paddling on your knees before attempting to stand
    • Be careful not to move too far forward on the board

    Compared to other types of water sports, stand up paddle boarding is super easy to learn. Given the right instructions, you can get the hang of it within a day. It helps keep you fit and is a great form of stress relief.